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Whether it be early-morning agricultural produce market, or modern shopping complex, or available night markets for take-homes, We make meaningful impact through continuous innovation to meet the dynamic needs.

To make sure people know the market you are talking about, we ask everyone to use the same name on kokwo that the market is called in everyday life. We may ask you to confirm that the market name on kokwo is the name the market is known by.

Post a market

  • On top of kokwo page, click on Add new market
  • Fill out the fields in the first provided form.
  • Click Next.
  • On the last step, fill out the fields in the last provided form and upload market picture.
  • Click on Post button.

Show interest

  • Click on the link to the market that you want to show interest.
  • Scroll down the page and you will see interest button.
  • Click interest button and interest is created for you.

Note:The interest you showed in a market gives you the privilege to contribute to information and actions about the market. Indicate your interest in a market you knew in real life.

We understand that the name your shop is known for in everyday life might be different from your corporate name. We want you to be able to use the name people normally call your shop on your kokwo account.

Post a shop

  • Find or locate the market where your shop is located in real life.
  • On top of the market, click on Add new shop.
  • Fill out the fields in the provided form and upload shop picture.
  • Click on Post button.

Add integrity

  • Click on the link to the shop you had impression of their integrity.
  • Scroll down the page and you will see integrity scale.
  • On the scale provided, click the extent of your impression.
  • Click on button below, Your impression of .....

Note: The impression about shop integrity matters to us as it could guide others in shops to patronize and shop to avoid. Integrity will be visible for all users. Use integrity feature to report your integrity impresion of a shop. By default, the impression of a shop integrity is less than 40%

Report a shop

  • Click on the link to the shop you want to report.
  • On the footer, click Report shop.
  • On form provided, fill the form.
  • Click on Post button .

Note:You can Report illegal/fraudulent activity if you find something suspicious about a shop. We will block the shop if it proves to be a scam. If it is a scam, include the word scam in the headding.

Posting a product you sell in your shop on kokwo is easy and fast.

Post a product

  • Sign in or Register.
  • Locate your shop where you wanted to add the product.
  • On top of the shop, click on Add new product.
  • Fill out the fields in the provided form and upload product picture.
  • Click on Post button.

If you want to leave comment concerning your experience on product, shop or market on kokwo, use comment feature available within each product, shop or market.

Post a Comment

  • Click on the link to the page or locate the market, shop or product page where your want to add a comment.
  • Scroll down the page to until you get to comment section.
  • On the provided comment text box, write your comment.
  • Click on Submit comment button.

Your feedback, giving through the feedback button, to improve kokwo features will be directed to kokwo support managers.

Send a feedback

  • On the footer, click Feedback.
  • Describe your issue or share your idea in the form fields .
  • Click on Post button .


kokwo is a link between publics looking for market days and places to shop, especially those who are tired of faceless shop owners with zero personal touch, thereby helping to connect everday shop owners in respective markets with the public, for product needs and deals.

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