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Oil Mill market (Morning) was held five days ago

▷  Wed, 26th Jan, 2022 is next market day

4th Nov, 2019 ·

Oil Mill is a market in Rumukoroshe, Port Harcourt. It holds every Wednesday. Apart from people from Rivers State, traders comes from Aba, Onitsha, Owerri, Akwa Ibom and Umuahia to have a share of oil state money. Goods such as clothing, food stuff, bags, household items and fruits are found ...

E - W Rd, Rumukoroshe,, Port Harcourt 0 shop ·0 product ·1 interest · 0 comment Oil Mill market opens every Wednesday

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Onne Mordern market (Morning) was held four days ago

▷  Thu, 27th Jan, 2022 is next market day

31st Oct, 2019 · Emmavibe VTU platform

Onne market is Strategically located in Onne, Eleme in Eleme Local government of rivers state. Products flowed into the market like a torrent from neighbouring towns and villages such as Agbeta, Agbnchia, Ebubu, Egalor, and Eja. It is a home to Onne port. The market is traditionally an agrarian market. ...

24 Harbour Road, Onne 1 shop ·1 product ·0 interest · 0 comment Onne Mordern market opens every Thursday

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Sango Bridge (Morning) is soon in the morning today

▷   Tommorrow is next market day

24th Sep, 2019 · Anonymous

Sango Bridge market is an accidental market formed near to and around Sango under-bridge round-about, where a number of related and unrelated independently operated shops, stall are found. Watch regular travelers from Iyana-Iyesi to work and from work to Atan-Ota entering this shops to buy merchandise, clothing, household items, electronics, ...

Sango underbridge roundabout, Ota 21 shops ·65 products ·1 interest · 0 comment Sango Bridge opens every day

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Watt Market (Day) is soon in the day today

▷   Tommorrow is next market day

15th Nov, 2019 ·

Watt is the biggest market in Calabar. Calabar is the capital of Cross River State in Nigeria. Buyers comes from far and near calabar to buy and sell. On a normal market day, you will see port staff, naval officers and so on on buying from calabar market women.

Etim Edem Street, Calabar 0 shop ·0 product ·1 interest · 0 comment Watt Market opens every day

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