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Oja Bodija (Day) is soon in the day today

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4th Nov, 2019 ·

Oja Bodija is a market in Ibadan, the largest city in West Africa. There is no local foodstuff or fruits that is not be found in the market at their season. It is the center for the sales and distribution of cattle and livestock in Ibadan. The market is close ...

Bodija,, Ibadan 0 shop ·0 product ·1 interest · 0 comment Oja Bodija opens every day

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Oja Waso Titun (Morning) is soon in the morning today

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2nd Nov, 2019 ·

Oja waso Titun is a major market in Ogbomoso land serving more than 300,000 thousand population of students, indigen, lecturers and university professor. Remember, Ogbomoso is home to one of the prestigious university in western Nigeria called Ladoke Akintola University. The market is situated close to the institution. There is also ...

New Ilorin Express Road,, Ogbomoso 1 shop ·1 product ·1 interest · 0 comment Oja Waso Titun opens every day

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