Pepsi Cola (50cl)

costs NGN 880/pack

Oju Ore, Ota

Pepsi cola 50cl. We still have many other drinks

Gotv cables and antenna

costs NGN 8,100/piece

Oju Ore, Ota

It is with free one month subscription

Veleta Sparkling Fruit Drink (75cl)

costs NGN 800/bottle

Oju Ore, Ota

Veleta fruit drinks in 75cl

Master Brandy

costs NGN 700/bottle

Oju Ore, Ota

We also have skirt brandy and amazon brandy and John lius

Hp ProBook 6540b

costs NGN 60,000/piece

Oju Ore, Ota

The system is windows 10, core i5, 500gb hard disk, 4g RAM, silver color body and black keyboard.

Ox short Blade Ceiling fan

costs NGN 5,500/piece

Oju Ore, Ota

We have many other fans. This one is 25 inches.

Dog collar

costs NGN 500/piece

Oju Ore, Ota

Here we have local and importeddog collar, chain and leash

Alloy reams

costs NGN 45,000/piece

Oju Ore, Ota

Alloy ream prices ranges from 45,000 to 70000

GNV cospro dog powder

costs NGN 450/bottle

Oju Ore, Ota

Jojo canned food

costs NGN 400/Can

Oju Ore, Ota

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